Woodland Paradise Spring Classic (Fabien)

Junior Worldchampion 2000

hd B1, elbows free, eyes clear

on the photo six months!

dob 14-3-99

Dewmist Seascenario

Nu.Ch. Stenbury Sea Chieftain NorduCh. Mjaerumhögda's
Classic Sound
Nu.Ch. Perrimay Fadilla
Nu.Ch. Dewmist Shade of Pale Perrimay Hector
Nu.Ch. Dewmist Solitaire
Keymer Tornado Scarholme Mickey Finn with Caoimhin Ch. & Ir.Ch. Papeta Philosopher
Blaelochside Dream Maker at Scarholme
Westview Martinette Jamoon Troika for Ninell
Cherryacre Silks N Ribbons

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